Hungarian Vegetable Marrow

Hungarian Vegetable Marrow (Tökfözelék)

Recipe from Az Inyesmester Szakacskonyve (The Expert’s Cookbook)

Ingredient for Hungarian Vegetable Marrow recipe

  • 5 lbs vegetable marrow
  • Salt
  • Vinegar
  • Lard or oil
  • Chopped dill
  • Paprika
  • Brown flour roué
  • Sour cream or buttermilk

Peel and grate vegetable marrow. Salt and sprinkle with vinegar. Let soak 1/2 hour. Squeeze out the moisture. Cook in a little lard or oil. Add chopped dill and a little paprika. When tender, prepare a browned flour roué and add to marrow. Cook until thickened. Add sour cream or buttermilk. Can add dill pickle juice for added flavor.


A marrow is a vegetable, the mature fruit of certain Cucurbita pepo cultivars. The immature fruit of the same or similar cultivars is called courgette (in Britain, Ireland, the Netherlands and New Zealand) or zucchini (in North America, Australia, Germany and Austria). Like courgettes, marrows are oblong, green squash, but marrows have a firm rind and a neutral flavour (“overgrown when picked and insipid when cooked…”), making them useful as edible casings for mincemeat and other stuffings.

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the first mention of vegetable marrows dates to 1822, zucchini to 1929, and courgettes to 1931. Before the introduction of Cucurbita species from the New World, marrow signified the immature, edible fruits of Lagenaria, a cucurbit gourd of African origin widely grown since Antiquity for eating when immature and for drying as watertight receptacles when grown to maturity.

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